Born from a family passion of more than thirty years of Jensen-Healey ownership, Nigel Lane with the support of his son Hugo have created Rebel Soul Racers. Backed up by one of Britain’s most respected Lotus engine experts and invaluble track time experience from Big brother David and his infamous Gulf colored Jensen-Healey. Not to mention our specialist partners throughout the world, we make quite a team!

Rebel; A desire to break mundane concepts of 70’s classic British sports cars! Do you dare to be different?

Soul; Because nostalgia can be an acceptable escapism from our robot built, fuel efficient, safety devices that we call modern transport!

Racers; Driving a characterful open top roadster down country lanes with a big smile on your face and loud induction roar in your ears and still respecting todays evermore restrictive speed limits. A Cafe Racer on four wheels! A Sunday run, Hill climb or all out circuit racing? All is possible with our range of “built to suit you sir” British Steel Classics!

RSR Classics; Our concept is one of meticulous restoration and preparation to offer Jensen-Healeys and Jensen GT’s not only in show standard condition but with a range of extensively researched and tested modifications to make our cars perform as good as they look!

All our cars are hunted down and inspected either by ourselves or by our experienced team in California, from Phoenix to San Francisco we source only solid and complete cars to import to France. Six Jensen-Healeys are loaded in a 40 foot container and delivered to our workshop in Brittany.

Each car is carefully assessed to decide if it goes for the total strip and “factory fresh” rebuild or if it is a time warp example which merits a sympathetic old as new restoration. Either way every car has soul and retains it’s sun baked, dry state life story.